Thursday, January 1, 2009

What dogs do on New Years day

It's New Year's Day, and most of us are contemplating what we should or could be doing in the coming year. We're reevaluating the past 12 months, setting goals, resolving to get ourselves together, and generally taking stock of life.

Scout, on the other hand, has spent the day doing exactly what he did yesterday: eating, slobbering on the cat, pestering me to go outside and p-l-a-y in the s-n-o-w, and napping. He doesn't worry if his goals aren't met - although he's a bit antsy if we don't get some play time in, what with the fresh snowbanks and all. In fact, he doesn't even have any goals. He just gets up and does whatever he does that day.

We get so worried sometimes about the future that we miss today, and we plan for things that are totally out of our control and then get frustrated when they don't happen.

I wonder how much happier we'd be if we stopped worrying so much about what we'd like to do or plan to do or feel like we have to do, and instead just did was on our plate each day. Curl up for a good night's sleep with someone we love. Take advantage of a rousing round of catch in some fresh air. And spend the day following our Master around to see what adventure He has lined up.

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