Monday, September 28, 2009

Bandit & the big escape

I was sound asleep this morning when I felt something cold on the back of my neck, and then a warm furry head burrowing under my pillow.

That's Bandit's trademark trick - instead of pouncing on me, he tries to burrow under me. But Bandit was in his crate, so it had to be Scout.

Every morning, Scout joins me in bed. He's not normally so excited, but apparently this morning was different. I was completely exhausted, so I barely woke while he rolled on his back and licked my face and generally tried to get me to greet the day. I didn't want to dampen his enthusiasm.

But finally I rolled over and came face to face with ... Bandit!

Wait, Bandit was in the crate. At least, that's where he was when I went to sleep. And I know that I had checked the latch, too, to make sure it was closed.

Did David let him out? How late was it, anyway?

Nope, it was only 7:40 AM. David was still asleep, Scout was curled up in the foyer, Murphy was downstairs.

Somehow, Bandit had let himself out of the crate. I checked around - he hadn't eaten anything (although he did chew on my new glasses the other night, leaving tooth marks on the lenses), he didn't pee or poop anywhere, and he didn't get into anything (and that's saying a lot, because he's recently learned how to shred the toilet paper).

Bandit just wanted his mommy and he found a way to get to me.

I confess that it's wonderful to be loved as much as Bandit loves me (and he loves his mommy), but it's also a little frightening that a 10 month old Border collie has learned how to open his crate.

Now that he can get out, what will he do when we're not home? Get on the computer and order toys from Drs. Foster and Smith? Chat online? Update his Dogbook profile?

I guess when you really want something, sometimes you have to risk everything to get it. How could I be mad at a wiggling ball of fur who just couldn't wait for me to come to him? Even if it was cold, raining, and 7:40 in the morning?

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