Monday, April 23, 2012

President Obama eats a dog; Bandit warns Bo

Dear Bo, This is your pal, Bandit! How have you been? It's blechy here today. There are giant plops of slush falling from the sky. I like it better when it is sunny.

Bo, I saw something in the news last week that I think you should know about: Your daddy the President eats dogs. He wrote about it in his book.

He says it happened a long time ago, when he was a kid. But I see in the news that your mommy the First Lady has been working on a big vegetable garden at the White House.

Bo, I am afraid that they are getting ready to serve Roasted Loin of Water Dog with sides of fresh vegetables.

I think you should learn a lesson from Seamus Romney and run, Bo, run! Get away as fast as you can! I hear Canada is nice this time of year.

When Mr. Romney gets into the White House, you can go back. He might make you fly on top of Air Force One when they go on vacation, but at least you'll be with the family and not on the menu.

Bark to you later!
Your pal,

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