Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Uh oh. Dead chipmunks.

Uh oh. Me and Bailey squished up the front door to Chip and Dale's drainpipe.

Remember the chipmunks that used to live in our drainpipe? Remember how me and Bailey got crazy wild and took part of the drainpipe off the house to try and catch the chipmunks? Me and Bailey have been waiting for a long time for Chip and Dale to come back and play. But they have been not around lately.

We thought they have been on vacation. Chipmunks in Mexico! Lying on the beach drinking acorn-tinis! Doing the cha-cha all night! Cha-cha Chipmunks!

Uh oh. Daddy told Mommy last night that Chip and Dale are not on vacation. They went up the drainpipe but couldn't come back down because me and Bailey squished the end of the pipe closed. Then a bunch of gunky gunk got washed down from the gutters and closed off the other end. So Chip and Dale had to stay in the drainpipe. For a long time. Like for about eleventyteen days long.

When when Daddy went to clean the drainpipes last week ... uh oh. Dead chipmunks.

Poor Chip and Dale. Well, at least we still have Mr. Fluffy.


PS: Do you think chipmunks go to live on God's Farm in the Sky? Maybe they are playing with Scout right now!!!

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