Saturday, March 2, 2013

Emtpy Peanut Butter Jar Day (pictures)

Me and Bailey got a special treat this week. We got to lick empty peanut butter jars! Mommy has been saving them in the cupboard until she had one for each of us.

I took my peanut butter jar to Mommy's bed,
which is where I hide all of my special stuff.

Bailey has a pretty long tongue but it's not long
enough to get all of the peanut butter out of the jar!

When Bailey decided to try and tear the jar apart,
Mommy said our treat time was over. Boo on that.

We need longer tongues or smaller jars because we couldn't get all of the peanut butter out. When Bailey tried to rip the jar apart Mommy said we were done with our treat.

My friend Luna Belle says her mommy gives her nut butter jars, too, but she gets glass jars. Me and Bailey are wild animals. We would break glass jars. Luna Belle says her jars are too tall and her tongue is too short, too.

I think Mommy is saving more jars in the cupboard. That's where she also keeps the squeaky ball we fight over. I think there is other good stuff in the cupboard.

Love BANDIT!!!

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Mister said...

Your mommy is a genius! My mommy just cleaned one out to recycle and didn't even think about giving it to me to clean! I would have the same problem, but it wouldn't stop me.

BANDIT!!! said...

My mommy is not smart enough to think of that on her own. She saw her friend do it so she copied. She might not be a brilliant ideamaker but she's a good copier!

Alicia Holly said...

Very cute! My dog also wants to raid on my things. One time her mouth got stuck on one of my jars. Poor thing.