Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mommy has an important talk with me

Scout and Bailey. Scout likes to play basketball. Bailey likes to kiss Scout.
 This week when Mommy tucked me into bed, she snuggled up with me and said she had something important to talk to me about.

She said that Scout is very sick and he is probably not going to get better. She said that maybe by the end of the summer, Scout will go to heaven to live with God.

Mommy says that heaven is a good place for a sick dog to go. All the sicknesses are gone. There is lots of room to run around and lots of stinky stuff to roll around in and lots of ponds to swim in. And at the end of the day, all of the dogs get to sleep in bed with Jesus. And he doesn't even care if they get their muddy paws on his sheets!

Mommy says that Scout is feeling a little cranky and that he can't play as much as he used to. So I am not supposed to try wrestlemania with him. And she said that maybe I could help Bailey not pester Scout so much either. Sometimes Scout feels like his normal Scout self and can romp and chase bubbles and play. But sometimes he just wants to sleep behind Daddy's recliner and be left alone.

Mommy cried when she told me this important stuff. I didn't know what to do, because I am not the take care of crying Mommy dog. That is Scout's job. He loves up Mommy and kisses her tears. My job is to run to you and give you a kiss when you sneeze.

I feel sad that Scout is sick. He is the best big brother a dog could have. And he teaches me and Bailey important stuff all the time. I don't know what we will do if Scout goes to heaven to live with God. But Mommy says that someday we will get to see him again when we go to heaven to live with God. So I guess that's good. I just hope Scout's sickness isn't that bad and he surprises everyone and stays with us for about fortyleven hundred more years.

sad Bandit

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Kim said...

Awwww, I am so sad for Scout and your family. We will remember you in our prayers!
<3 Kim

Angie said...

My mommy cried when she read that, too. And she doesn't even know Scout. I posted about the Rainbow Bridge last month when my aunt's cat got sick. Maybe that will help your mommy (and daddy and Bailey and you) feel better.
Feel better kisses,

marie said...

We have lost many beautiful dogs and will never forgive myself for taking Dave with me when we had to put Tippie down. It was the worst thing I ever did and even though he said he wanted to go, I should have said no. However I think I needed some support but I never realized how much it hurt him till it was too late. Then there was Bell who Art & I drove to the end of our road and he was crying so hard I just said, go back home and I took her myself. We make a great investment when we bring a pet into our home but with it always comes the pain. I love Scout and I pray for all of you at time and hope you can make the right decision when " IT'S Time" love you.

Teresa said...

I'm so sorry.

Bandit said...

Nana, you should not feel bad! Daddy is the greatest Daddy in the whole world and he takes very great care of us pups. I think he cries about Scout but he doesn't let me see.

Love BANDIT!!!!