Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scout is sick

This is me and my brother Scout. He's the best big brother in the world.
Today is a bad day because Scout is sick.

He has had belly ache problems for always, but lately he has had lots more problems. Dr Hawkins did some experiments on Scout's blood and then on Saturday Scout had to go to the dog hospital and have pictures taken of his guts. The doctors think Scout has something icky growing in his insides that is not supposed to be there.

Today, Mommy had to take Scout to see another doctor. He is going to stick needles into the icky stuff and suck some out so he can send it to the dog scientists to do experiments and see if it is really bad stuff or not so bad stuff.

We are all hoping it is not so bad stuff.

Mommy was crying when she came home but she said we should not worry until there it something to worry about. I will tell you what the dog scientists find out.


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