Thursday, March 8, 2012

A walk in the cemetery

Me and Mommy at Pittsford cemetery.
I think the people who are asleep there like to have visitors.

Even though it was dark and rainy Mommy took me and Bailey for walks in the cemetery. I got two walks! First, we went to our regular cemetery. Then we went across the street to say hello to Mommy's friend John who is alseep in that cemetery. Then Mommy took me to a place called Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Mt. Hope Cemetery has a lot of something called history. That means there are about eleventygazillion people who are asleep there, including some famous people.

There are lots of gravestones to read at Mt. Hope Cemetery
 I didn't meet anyone famous. Me and Mommy just did some walking and and walking and walking until I was too tired to pee on any more trees. Really, I was too tired to even lift up my leg. Mt. Hope Cemetery is a big place!

Just in case you forgot, when you walk in the cemetery you are allowed to pee on the trees but you are not allowed to pee on the gravestones. And if you are a dog, you have to stay on your leash, too. (If you are a person, you don't need a leash. Unless you get lost easy. Then you should probably just stay in the car.)

"Don't be afraid, Mommy! I will protect you if something scary happens!"
Walking in the cemetery is fun. And even though it is very quiet there, you are never alone! But it is still good to have a dog to protect you, just in case.


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