Friday, March 16, 2012

Why me and Mommy should win the“Eukanuba Paws In Motion to BarkWorld” contest

I think me and Mommy need another road trip adventure!

You should know that Mommy entered a contest to win a free trip to the blogging conference called BarkWorld. If Mommy wins the trip, she gets to fly on an airplane and stay in a fancy hotel and have some fun times with her pet blogging pals.

No fair! I want to go to BarkWorld. It sounds like lots of fun. Kind of like Disney World, except with barking.

I like to stay in hotels. I get my own bed!

Just in case you forgot, I am a good dog to take on a trip. Remember? Last year I went with Mommy to another writing conference. I was a good boy in the hotel. I didn't pee inside or chew up anything and I only barked when I had something really, really important to say. I didn’t eat any food off the buffet table or chase any kitties. Not even the cat wearing a dress. Plus, I got to go to a movie and have popcorn and everything!

All that food and I didn't eat any of it.
I know you don't believe me, but it is the truth!
 Mommy says I can't go this time because this conference is far away and if she wins she will fly on an airplane. Just in case you didn’t know, they only let dogs on planes if they ride with the luggage. I am not a suitcase.

But guess what? Uncle Eric is a pilot who flies giant planes! Maybe I could ride up front with him. I am good at helping with maps and directions. And Uncle Eric never gets mad at anything, so even if I barfed on him while we were flying really fast, he would still love me.

I helped Mommy drive a dogmobile, so I could definitely help Uncle Eric drive a plane.
"OK, Mommy! That big truck is gone. You can back up now!"

I think Mommy should win a trip that pays for her hotel and gives her a dogmobile to drive so I can come, too. Our dogmobile is too grumbly to make it from New York to Georgia and we don’t have fortyleventeen thousand dollars to fix it. That way we can have a fun road trip and I can pee in a more than four states and visit all of our friends along the way and stay in a fancy hotel with my own bed and have a nice Mommy and Bandit vacation.

And my stupid sister Bailey can stay home with Daddy. Hahaha on you, Bailey!

Bailey can stay home with Daddy and breathe her poop breath in his face
while me and Mommy have another adventure.

I will let you know if the BarkWorld pals decide to let us win. I would be a good dog reporter, don’t you think?


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