Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pictures from our second day at BlogPaws 2011

Yesterday was our second day at BlogPaws. Here are some pictures!

Mommy, how many times are you going to
make me do this stupid trick?

BlogPaws breakfast! Table for one Papua Piig
the guinea pig and his buddy Decoy.

Ma'am? Are you going to eat that muffin?

Hey Bocci!! I found your mommy!!

I greeted everyone when they came to the first seminar.

And then I took a nap.

This is me and Dexter playing with his mommy Darlene.
Dexter had a super fun squeaky toy.

Excuse me, ma'am. Can I have another biscuit?

Hi, Robbi! Got any good treats in this bag?

Then at the next seminar, I took another nap. (Mommy says that you should know
that Holly's seminar was not boring. After lunch, I took another nap.
Just in case you didn't know, having fun makes you very tired.)

This is Edgar daKitty. He is Kelly's traveling kitty.
Kelly's regular live kitty stayed home.

This is Carol, Dexter's other mommy. Hi Carol!
It's lunch time. Where's Dexter?
(PS Mommy sent me to the romping room
while she ate. Boo. But I came back for dessert.)

They had cheesecake for dessert. I only had a lick. Or three.

Me and my pals John and Dusty. Corgis are fun!

At BlogPaws, there was a whole giant room filled with treats and stuff. You could go around to all of the tables and get goodies! It was kind of like a pet trick or treat. 

Why yes, I would love to sample your dog food!

Hello sir. May I please have a whole bag full of my
favorite California Natural biscuits, please?

Sure, Mr. Toki Poki. I would love a treat!

Me and my Corgi pals!

Yes, ma'am. Your kitty is cute.
Maybe he would like a treat to share with me?

Me and Mommy are waiting in line to
see the movie "Spooky Buddies."

Yay! Movie night! Thank you for making
popcorn just for me, Vivian!

Can we go now and find a seat for the movie?

After the movie, all of the people got their pictures
taken with a cute puppy in a bunny costume.
Boo on cute puppies. I want my picture taken.

This is my new best buddy Rick. He loved me. I loved him too.
Maybe I should go visit him in Los Angeles so I
can tell his partner they need another dog.

So that was our second day at BlogPaws! I don't have picture of me eating Mommy's pizza or romping in the dog park room or other fun stuff. But we had some good times! And I met a lot of super duper people and their pets.


Carol Bryant said...

Dear Louise of the dog world -

Loving this post and so good to meet you. Feel like we've known each other forever. Bandit is an amazing dog and you are such a paw-some mom. I look forward to working together. Dexter says woof and wags and will be blogging tomorrow. He needs to raid his bling bags. Stay safe.

From, Thelma of the dog world

Bandit said...

Hi Carol!!! Mommy says now that we have some adventure experience we can do another adventure soon. Yay!! I liked staying in a hotel. I had my own big bed to sleep in!!

Say hi to Dexter and Darlene!!!

Love B!A!N!D!I!T!!!!

PS: Mommy says she has never seen Thelma and Louise but it is high time she watched it. So we may have another movie night tomorrow while Daddy is at work!! Yay! Popcorn!

Boris Kitty said...

OMC Human2 and Edgar did fink u wuz a must bootiful doggy Bandit. Dey were beary happy to meeting u at BlogPaws.

We now following u on twitter too!

Bandit said...

Thanks Boris!! Your mommy is SOOOOO nice!! She gave me chicken!!! And a squeaky hedgehog that I have not taken apart yet. Edgar is a good stand in but you would have had some fun. There were cats there! One even was wearing a dress and a hat!

Your pal,