Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ghost Puppy strikes again

Uh oh. The Ghost Puppy chewed up Mommy's new shorts.

 Gee, Mommy. Me and Bailey feel really bad that the Ghost Puppy chewed up your new pants. Maybe he was trying to find a biscuit you left in your pocket?

That's all we have to say about that.

BANDIT!!! (and Bailey)

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Hanna at Dog Products said...

I honestly believe that some dogs experience remorse, regret and an aching conscience when doing something they’re not supposed to. Other dogs experience the same only when getting caught for doing it.

We have a couch with pillows in my living room and a different color couch with different types of pillows in the den. Well, when I straighten the house daily I find that the pillows that belong in the living room are propped on the couch in the den and visa versa.

The kids vehemently deny doing it and so does the husband. That leaves the dogs — my two little Shih Tzu boys. So, I through them dirty looks and they immediately back away with bushy tails between their legs.

If those aren’t shame ridden poses I don’t know what are. The only question remains is: Are they honestly ashamed for being discovered or are they ashamed for being naughty?

Well, we’ve got to continue loving them while mending or replacing your shorts and rearranging my pillows.

Bandit said...

Mommy thinks that when I act like that I am sorry. But really, I just know she's mad at something so I act like I'm sorry just in case I did something I forgot about.

Because we all know it's the Ghost Puppy who does the bad stuff in our house! Us dogs are always very, very good.


Your pal,