Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We had a busy weekend

It was a busy weekend. Mommy and Aunt Jackie and Grandma went out to birthday lunch at a restaurant. Us dogs were not invited. Boo on that.


Then Mommy and Aunt Jackie went out at night to see Uncle Al play his guitar. We were not allowed there, either. Me and Scout were mad because Roxanne was there and we haven't seen her since we went to her house to get bathed and brushed and fluffed up. We like Roxanne a lot. Boo on that, Mommy. Maybe next time Uncle Al will play at a bar that lets dogs come and watch.

Uncle Al and his friends Warren and Chuck. No dogs allowed.

Cassie came to visit from Florida! Yay! Mommy and Bailey went to Grandma's house on Sunday to visit. Me and Scout had to stay home. Too many dogs and not enough room in Grandma's house. Dali and Bailey had lots of romps.

Romps at Grandma's house

While Mommy was out, I wrote her column for the Christian Voice Magazine because she forgot to do it. She writes the stuff she has to do on a board and then Murphy rolls around on it and erases it.  Bad kitty. But I am a good office helper. I wrote a good column.

Then on Monday, Dali came to our house! Us four dogs had a romping time. We ran, we barked, we had some biscuits.

Dali,  Bailey, Scout and me

Then Daddy's friend Mike came over with his girlfriend Andrea and their kids Conner and Brennan. They were out for a bike ride and decided to come and see us stinky dogs and our stinky chickens. Andrea doesn't like dogs so we didn't jump on her. But we jumped on her kids!

Daddy's friend Mike and his friends Andrea, Conner and Brennan

Today Bailey has to go see Dr. Hall to see if she can make Bailey's hips not hurt so much so she will stop being so cranky. Look, here is a picture of Bailey's bones!

So we're tired. I think it might be a Sleepy Nap Day.


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