Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scout plays soccer with the WNY Flash

Today was Scout's adventure day. The animal shelter was having a special "come and adopt some animals" day and guess what? There were professional soccer players there!

So Mommy went home and got Scout. Because you know how much Scout loves to play soccer!

When Mommy and Scout went to see Dr. Hall this week, she said Scout didn't have to be careful, that he should just do normal dog stuff. She said it's good for Scout to just be normal.

Hahaha, Dr. Hall! None of us dogs are normal!

A player named Kaley Fountain played with Scout. She said he's good at playing soccer. He should be, since he plays all the time at home! Me and Bailey don't know how to play soccer. But if there was a professional dog barking team, we would be the champs.

This is Kaley. Scout says she is very pretty and smells like sunshine and happiness.

Scout said Kaley was so nice. He felt bad because a little while ago her dog got sick and had to to live on God's farm in the sky. Scout said when he goes there he'll make sure to look for her puppy and give her a big hug from Kaley.

When he was done playing with Kaley, he butted himself into the soccer clinic and played with the guys. He tried to eat the ball but Mommy stopped him. They don't know how many balls Scout kills.

So Scout had a great day! I'm glad he got to have a super perfect adventure!


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Marie said...

What a great soccer player Scout is.