Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dog Days of Summer book giveaway

I like to read. This book is by Phil Osophy. He's kind of boring.

Don't forget that on Mommy's Bark Around Town blog, she is having a Dog Days of Summer book giveaway. All you have do is "like" her Bark Around Town facebook page.

These are some good books! I ate a couple of Mommy's books.  You can read some super good mysteries about Chet and his human Bernie (a grand prize set of "Dog On It", "Thereby Hangs A Tail" and "To Fetch A Thief"), and about a girl who gets drunk and orders a dog online ("Stay"), and some funny stories about shelter dogs and silly humans ("Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts") and a book about people who use science to make dogs that are just like their dead dogs ("Dogs Inc").

I like to eat books. I think you will like these. Hurry up and enter because the deadline is July 31. Which is also Grandma's birthday.

You can read more about it on Mommy's blog.


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