Friday, July 29, 2011

A barkery good adventure

Hmm. I think I'll take one of everything. Thank you!

Me and Bailey have been having some bad times this week so Mommy said that since Bailey got to go out last night I could have an adventure today. So me and Mommy went to A Barker's Dozen. It is owned by a nice lady named Gabriella.

Look at all of the yummy cookies!
There is a lot of yummy good stuff at A Barker's Dozen. There are cookies and cupcakes and biscuits and toys. Today was the day Gabriella and her helpers made doggy ice cream so I got to be the tester. My ice cream had peanut butter and yogurt and carob chips. It was c-c-c-cold on my tongue! But it made me feel cool in my belly. Mmmm. I think I like doggy ice cream.

Gabriella makes good icey creamy dog treats.
 Then I got to help behind the counter and help the helpers. This is the apron you have to wear if you work there. I look pretty good!

Hello, welcome to the barkery. Can I help you eat some treats?
 Then Mommy and Gabriella talked and talked and talked so much that I fell asleep. Boring, Mommy.

It was a good adventure. Me and Mommy had alone time in the car. Gabriella and her helpers told me how handsome I was and I got lots of treats. Plus I had a good nap.

Love BANDIT!!!!

PS: When we got home, we found out that Bailey had been a really bad girl. REALLY bad. Almost badder than I've ever been in the crate.

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Savannah Amedick said...

Did she break the cage?!!!

Angie said...

I like to go to the barkery by my house, too. But I've never been allowed to help! Lucky!
I've been bad in my crate before, but Bailey was badder than I've ever been!

Bandit said...

Hi Savannah! She broke the whole tray and peed everywhere. Bailey is a very bad girl.

Hi Mister! I was happy to help because they let me eat so many treats. I wanted to help frost the cookies but they said NO!

Love BANDIT!!!!