Friday, August 19, 2011

See where we are going on the map

This is how far we are driving to BlogPaws.

Today Mommy bought a book of maps to show me where we are going on our trip next week. We are starting at the top piece of dog food and ending at the bottom piece of dog food, which is about fortyleven miles, or breakfast to dinner.

Except we are going to stop at Grandpa and Carol's on the way down so it will be dinner to bedtime one day, and then breakfast to snack time the next, with some time in between to chase cats.

Cassie is driving home from Florida right now. Look at how far it is from one dog food to the next for that trip! It's eleventyseventy miles! We are glad she is coming home. That is too far away to live from your mommy and Grandma and Dali.

Look at how far Cassie has to drive to come home!

I didn't know that America was so big. There is a whole page we won't even drive near. If I'm a good boy, maybe we will plan another trip in the dogmobile.


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Jan's Funny Farm said...

We came by to catch up and found we really are behind in the news. You are going to BlogPaws. Wow, if we had known it's between two pieces of kibble, we would have made Jan go. But our kibble would be farther apart and our piggy bank is empty. So you have a good time and tell us all about it when you get home. Have a safe but fun trip.

Bandit said...

Our piggy is so empty his tummy was growling! We had to borrow biscuit money from Grandma and Aunt Jackie and Nana. But we had lots of great times!

You should have gone. Next year it will be in Salt Lake City. Mommy says that is a very, very long drive and I should not get my hopes up.

Your pal,