Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bandit's going to BlogPaws 2011!

"OK, Mommy! Let's load up the suitcase with some tennis balls and biscuits and my blankie and hit the road!"

Mommy said today, "Bandit, how would you like to go on a big, big, big adventure with me?"

Yes, Mommy, I would like that very much. Can we leave right now?

She said we are going to someplace called BlogPaws. It is a big party for pets and their people in Virginia, which is right near Washington, DC! Maybe I'll call my pal Bo Obama and see if he wants me to come over for a romp in the Rose Garden.

We will drive to BlogPaws in the dogmobile and stay in Mr. Sheraton's hotel and have lots of good times.

I have never slept over at someone else's house. Except for that time when I ate Mommy's inhaler and had to go stay at Dr. Simon Kirk's emergency hosptial where they took out my blood and did experiments and gave me my super power. (Aunt Jackie, what am I thinking right now?)

Mommy says a hotel is not like that at all. She says it's one big pawjama party! You can romp around and eat snacks and stay up late and jump on the beds. Dr. Simon Kirk's hospital is not like that. Although I did get to wear a lampshade on my head.

Mommy is very excited because she says we never do anything fun. So we are taking the dogmobile to Jim the Car Fixer Guy next week and he'll tell us how many bazillion dollars we need to spend so it will be safe to drive eleventeen hours to BlogPaws. Then we will pack our suitcases and get ready to GO!

I guess I better start practicing how to be a good dog, because just in case you didn't know, you are allowed to pee inside at Miss Sherri's romping palace but you are not allowed to pee inside Mr. Sheraton's hotel.


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Angie said...

I've stayed in a hotel twice before. Remember, even though there are trees inside, you're still not allowed to pee on them!
Hope you have a great time!

Bandit said...

Uh oh. I think this is going to be a very tricky trip.

Are you going to BlogPaws? Maybe your mommy would like a vacation!

Your pal, BANDIT!!

Angie said...

We didn't know about BlogPaws, so my mommy and daddy have to work. :(
Maybe we can plan on it next year.

Bandit said...

I will give you a full report and then next year we can go and romp around the hotel together!

Your pal,