Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks Grandma, for helping me go to BlogPaws 2011!!

Some people have said, "Gee Bandit, we would like to help pay for your trip to BlogPaw!" But Mommy has said, "No, it's okay, we have enough money."

Except we don't have enough money because yesterday the dogmobile had to get some stuff fixed and now we don't have enough to pay for our hotel.

Aunt Jackie said, "Hey Bandit! You should put a sponsor box on your blog so people can give you some money!"

Mommy says it is impolite to beg for biscuits, but I am NOT going to stay home with my stupid sister Bailey. We got into a big fight this week and we both got some good boo boos on our heads. Besides, me and Mommy both need some adventure.

So yesterday I made a box in case people want to donate some money so I can go to BlogPaws.

We need about eleventyfortyteen dollars to go. Grandma gave us a lot of money yesterday so now we only need fiftyleventeen dollars. Thanks Grandma! You're the best!

So if you have an extra biscuit you'd like to give us, you can use the pretty little box that is right there or you can visit my ChipIn page.


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