Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bailey and Scout fight over the BlogPaws 2011 goodie bag

Bailey and Scout are not nice. I brought back goodies to share
and they wouldnt even let me have any!
 Last night I brought in the bags of goodies we got from BlogPaws so I could share with Bailey and Scout. Mommy said they could sniff out the good stuff they might want to play with.

Bailey and Scout are bad. They growled at me and wouldn't even let me have my own treats, and then they got in a big fight over stuff and had to get separated by Daddy.

Mommy had to take it all way. We are not allowed to even sniff the bags. Boo.


Here are pictures from our first day at BlogPaws
Here are pictures from our second day at BlogPaws
Here is a picture from when we get home, on Mommy's blog

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