Monday, August 29, 2011

The Pettie Awards are handed out at BlogPaws

While we were at BlogPaws, DogTime Media handed out the Pettie Awards. It was not the kind of awards show where you have to get dressed up in a tuxedo or fancy dress and high heels and sit at a table for four hours pretending like you are having fun. It was an on-the-TV kind of awards show you can watch at home in your jammies.

I didn't win anything. But our friend Carol did! Carol is Dexter's mommy. Yay for Carol!

Maybe someday I can win a Pettie award. That would be good because the winners get money to give to their favorite dog charity. I would give the money to Pitty Love Rescue, since that is who helped us take care of Bailey. Maybe if we give them enough money they will take her back.

HAHAHAHAHA!! I'm just kidding. I love Bailey. Which is good because I am stuck with her forever.


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