Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting ready for our BlogPaws 2011 adventure

Mommy is getting us ready for our adventure in eleventeen days when we go to Virginia and BlogPaws. She is making a list of stuff to pack:

hair junk

Here is my packing list:

This is going to be an exciting trip! Mommy even ordered me my own business cards so I can be very professional in case someone wants to hire me to write a super duper column for their tasty magazine. Or in case I pee on something and she has to tell them where to send the cleaning bill.

We are also going to have a movie night while we are there! It's a movie about dogs and it's going to be lots of fun. And I'll bet there will be popcorn!

Anyway, we leave in eleventeen days and we will be gone for seventyleven thousand hours. We might even stop and visit Grandpa on the way except he has cats and we are not sure if dogs are allowed.

Daddy will stay home and be in charge of Bailey and Scout. He will have to feed them and give them their medicines and make sure Bailey doesn't pee on everything and tear apart the couch pillows and bark for fortyleven hours a day.

Me and Mommy are going to have lots of fun. Daddy is probably not.


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Angie said...

You packing list sounds like mine when we went on vacation! As long as I've got treats and Mommy, I could even go without my blankie (although it's nice to have).
Have a great time!

Bocci said...

Yes, Parental Unit will be there, but I won't! Look forward to seeing you again:-)

Hanna at Dog Products said...

Hi Bandit,

Like all humans, mommies tend to complicate life with a whole bunch of stuff. So, whether it’s important stuff or not and whether they actually truly need it or not, it will go into their baggage.

Dogs, however, are much more practical. They travel light and take along only that which is an absolute must.

I happen to be a creature of the human type but I hope to someday be reincarnated into a higher and more intelligent form that belongs to the canine type.

By the way, I love your blog and I visit it frequently. I have also incorporated your link within my site as a valuable resource for my visitors. Would you be willing to return the favor by placing my link right here on your blog?


Bandit said...

Hi, Hanna! I will tell Mommy to add a link. But she might forget because her brain is full of stuff.

Bocci, boo. I was hoping we could pee on some stuff together. I'll have to do it myself and give you a full report!

Angie, I will just take Mommy, too. Whatever we need, she probably has it stuffed into her purse anyway! She went to the grocery store today & couldn't find her paying card. But she had a camera and a notebook and some flip flops and a candy bar!


Hanna at Dog Products said...

Hi Bandit,

Mommies do tend to be forgetful at time because they are so very busy taking care of their puppy dogs and a whole bunch of other stuff.

You just remember to remind her to add our link in her Blogroll and then peeing on stuff together will become every so much more effective.

Enjoy your Thursday.

Mommy to Udi and Yumbo

Hanna at Dog Products said...

Hey Bandit,

Your mommy seems to be as forgetful as I am. Or maybe it is you who forgot to remind her to add us to her blogroll?

Hope you're have a terrific woof day!