Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Disney has a new show "Dog With A Blog". I am not the star.

This is not me. This is a TV blogging dog. But he is pretty handsome, too.

Guess what? Disney is making a new show about a dog just like me. It is called "Dog With A Blog."

I am not the star. The star looks a little like me. He is handsome, too. But I have been blogging for about eleventeen years, so I'm more specialer.

I don't know if the TV dog can write as good as me. We don't get Disney Channel so we won't watch the show. But Mommy says, "Who needs a blogging dog on TV when you live with a blogging dog every day?"

That's right, Mommy. I'm the original blogging Border collie.

I'm pretty sure this TV dog is also not a Mystery Barf champ. But maybe I will write to him like I write to Bo Obama and we can be paw pals.


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