Monday, May 28, 2012

My handsome self. Mommy says the picture looks empty because Scout is not there.

Mommy has been having a lot of crying days lately. She said part of it because she misses Scout. Scout went to live on God's Farm in the Sky about twelveteen weeks ago. He was the "fix Mommy's crying" dog. I don't know what to do when Mommy cries. Me and Bailey just know how to bark.

But we are trying to be gooder dogs. Last week we went for a walk together and we even let our tails touch and we didn't kill each other. Yesterday, I snuck outside with Bailey for a minute and then Bailey snuck down the stairs to the front door with me for about two seconds. We didn't kill each other those times either.

Look! Our tails are touching!
 Bailey even tried to help Mommy with her crochet a blankie project. But that didn't help. I don't know why. I think Bailey made it pretty!
Bailey was being a big make a blankie helper.
But Mommy says she still misses Scout. I think it has to do with all of the bottles of bubbles she found. I don't like to play bubbles. Bailey sometimes like to play bubbles but she gets too wild. Scout was the super bubble chasing dog. 
Scout was the super everything dog.
 Murphy says Mommy is crying because us animals cost her so much money and she's still paying the bills from when I ate her inhaler and had to go to the hospital and when Bailey got her surgery to get her girl stuff fixed. And Murphy needs about twoteen hundred dollars to get a tooth taken out because it is O.U.C.H.Y.

She is probably crying because of Scout and how much us animals cost, plus the ants that have come to live in our house. They decided the really like it in our house and Mommy says if they don't leave she is going to move to the Arctic Circle, where it is too cold for ants.

Remember this fun time?
 Or maybe she just remembers last year when there were three dogs who liked to share popsicles. It is not as much fun without Scout.


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Ashley said...

My heart breaks for your mommy, Bandit. I'm sure she misses Scout a lot! Give her lots of love and let her have some crying days.