Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We go for a romp and a swim at Corbett's Glen

We went for a walk in the woods today.

 Mommy found a new romping place today: Corbett's Glen Nature Park!

Our friends at Pitty Love Rescue went for a romp there yesterday so Mommy took me today to see if it's a good place for us to walk. Guess what? It is!

There is a nice trail that doesn't have bumpy stuff that will make Mommy trip, because she is not a very graceful walker. And there are a lot of trees and stuff for a dog to sniff and pee on. And Mommy said she is not afraid to be there because there are a lot of houses pretty close. You know Mommy doesn't like to be in the woods alone.

There is only one bad thing about our walk in Corbett's Glen: a stupid German Shepherd and his stupid mommy.

When we are walking and we see someone, I am supposed to come to Mommy and sit nice and get a treat. That is because you are not allowed to jump on people and you are not allowed to sniff another dog unless he says it is OK.

The stupid German Shepherd was not on a leash and he came running at me when he saw me. I wanted to growl at him and tell him to go away, but when I do that to Bailey she fights with me. I did not want to have a fight. So I sat nice for a minute while the stupid dog sniffed me until his stupid mommy came to get him. She said, "Oh, he is a friendly dog."

Hahaha, guess what? Sometimes I am not a friendly dog! Especially if you are a stupid dog that gets in my face and won't leave me alone!

I did not like that dog. But I played friendly and I got a reward for being good. At the end of the trail there is a swimming place and Mommy let me get all wet and dirty and muddy! Yay!

You can romp in the water and stay on your leash!

 Just in case you didn't know, if there are people in the swimming place you should ask if they mind if a dog splashes around. But if they say OK, you can get in and make a big water mess! I ran around in the water and chased the splashes and fell into a hole and had a great time.

Me and Mommy had so much fun we went home and got Daddy and Bailey.

Me and Bailey played nice for a while in the water. Then we got cranky and had to go home.
It was so much fun that after me and Mommy were done we went home and got Daddy and Bailey and took them there to play, too. Me and Bailey romped until I got tired of her and we had to go home.

So we had a good romp in the woods and got to swim and we didn't have to get baths. Then it rained and me and Bailey barked at the thunder for about twentyleven minutes. Then we took a nap.

It was a good day.

The end.


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Angie said...

What a great day, Bandit! My mommy could walk on completely flat surface and still trip. Sigh. I know what you mean about off-leash dogs. Right after my people brought me home, Mom and I were walking and a neighbor was walking her two dogs--one on leash, one off (what sense does that make?). The off leash crossed a usually busy street (luckily no one was coming) to come say hi and his stupid mom started screaming at him for not listening to her. DUH. Your dog will listen if he has a leash!


Bandit!!! said...

Mister, that must have been scary for you and for that dog! It's a good thing no cars were coming!!

your pal