Sunday, September 2, 2012

What we did on Sunday (pictures)

This is where I went today. Do you know where it is? I will give you a hint.
It is Mommy's favorite place except for the used bookstore or
the place where you can get ice cream sundaes.

So here is what we did on our holiday Sunday.

First, me and Bailey went outside together and Mommy played ball with us for about twelveteen minutes. We have not had play ball time together since we had our last fight eleventyfour days ago when I got a boo boo on my chest and someone bit Mommy on the finger and squished her ring.

Then me and Bailey played water dogs. That was fun because we both drank a lot of water and then peed every two minutes for the whole morning.

Then Daddy came home from work and guess what? Me and Daddy and Mommy went to Mt. Hope Cemetery for a long walk! Yay! I like romping in the cemetery. We visited our friends Lottie and Susan B. Anthony and I peed on a bazillion trees and met a nice man who gave me a treat and talked about his Border collie.

Blah blah blah. Enough talk! Let's romp!

Me and Daddy. We don't like to get our picture taken.

Just in case you didn't know, if you are a boy dog you can go potty anywhere in the woods. If you are a girl Mommy person and you have to go potty, though, you have to go to the visitors place and use the inside potty. And if you are my Mommy, while you are in there you go exploring through the building while me and Daddy wait outside, and when you come out. Ta da! You have decided to volunteer at the cemetery.

I wonder if they will let me come with her? They serve cookies and lemonade. I would be very helpful with that.

Anyway, when we were done with our romp, we went home and Mommy gave me a Kong with peanut butter. And then she and Daddy snuck Bailey out of the house. Boo! They went for a romp without me!

Bailey said they went to the woods and she saw a lot of critters and it was exciting. But she said it was not a romping place Mommy would go without Daddy because, just in case you didn't know, Mommy is afraid to be in the woods alone. Even with a very brave dog. She likes to hang around in the cemetery with the dead people.

Bailey and Daddy were tired after all that romping.

  Anyway, when Mommy and Daddy and Bailey got home, me and Bailey got to play puppy school, which is basically when we practice being in the same room without fighting. We did really good. That's because we were tired from our romps and Mommy had chicken. We will be pretty good if you give us chicken.

We are practicing how to be good dogs in the same room. Look! No blood!

 Daddy is taking a nap. I think we wore him out. But me and Bailey still have some barking and running around like wild animals to do before bedtime.
And that is what we did on our Sunday afternoon.

Love BANDIT!!!

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Jaspersdoggyworld said...

Greetings. It looks like you had some fun on Sunday. Love Nellie and Jasper, two maremmas from New Zealand