Monday, July 30, 2012

Mommy goes to her 30 year reunion

Cassie went to Mommy's reunion to make sure she was having fun. That is love.

So a couple of weeks ago Mommy went to her high school reunion. A high school reunion is when all of the people you went to school with get together to have a big party and pretend to know each other.

Mommy has been out of high school for 30 years, which is 210 dog years. That's a looooong time. I am surprised Mommy remembers her own name, let alone the names of people in her English class 210 years ago.

Here is what happens at a reunion: people stand around and get drunk and say things like, "Didn't we used to be in homeroom together?" and "Hey, remember when I stuffed you into your locker?  Ha ha, wasn't that funny?" and "Gee, that guy is still as handsome as he was in high school" when really he is fat and bald.

Blah, blah, blah. All talking, no tennis balls.

Dogs don't have high school reunions. We have play group! We go to class on Tuesday and then have play time together on Saturday. Dogs don't need name tags to remember each other. We just sniff butts to say hello. Then we run around like wild animals and play fetch and then get big drinks from the giant water bowl and pee on the floor and it is the greatest time ever.

Dogs don't need some stranger to tell us we are still handsome after all these years, because we all know we are the handsomest dogs in the whole world. Our mommies tell us so every day.

Mommy said there was a lot of hugging and kissing at her reunion, which probably means someone went home with worms. That's what happens at play group. She also said there wasn't any peeing on the floor, but I'll bet she just missed it. Every dog knows that when there is a lot of drinking there is a lot of peeing.

Mommy said that pretty much no one at her reunion remembered her, which was a lot of fun. They said, "Gee you are funny, who are you?" and she just laughed. She said it didn't even make her feel bad; in fact, it was nice to feel pretty and funny for once instead of boring and old.

 Mommy, who cares what a bunch of drunk strangers think? All that matters is that you are our Mommy and we love you. Me and Bailey never forget who you are, and we have fun romps together, and I'll bet no one from your high school knows what secret snack we have every night when we snuggle in bed. Those are the important things in life.

Reunions are fun but true love with your pups is way better.


PS: You can read what Mommy wrote about her reunion here.

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Carol Bryant said...

Great writing, Bandit. I can picture it all and love your take on it.

BANDIT!!!! said...

Thank you, Carol! Say hi to Dexter for me!!!

Love BANDIT!!!