Monday, July 9, 2012

I visit The Land of Yes and get to do whatever I want (A LOT of pictures)

When you see this sign, you are almost at The Land of Yes!
Today I went for an adventure to The Land of Yes at Miss Ada's house. The Land of Yes is where puppies can go and do anything they want without getting yelled at.

It's great!

Miss Ada says that little puppies who are just learning stuff need a place to explore and learn how not to be scared of stuff. So she made a super fun place in the woods with trails and lots of things that puppies might be afraid of in regular life.

In The Land of Yes, they get to sniff stuff and romp and do pretty much anything they want. Can you pee on everything? YES! Can you run around like a wild animal? YES! Can you stand around for 10 minutes and eat grass? YES!

Here are lots of pictures from my visit to The Land of Yes. Then I got to have a play date with Lexie the Butt Sniffer. Then Miss Ada took out the circus dog stuff to play. She thinks I would be a good agility dog. I don't really care about circus dogging the way Scout did. He LOVED being a circus dog. Bailey likes to play circus dog, too. I just like to play ball and play "Where's Mommy" and romp around in the water.

But I had fun at Miss Ada's and I didn't want to go home. If you want to have fun with Miss Ada, you can visit her at

"Ada, can you come out and play?"

You are now entering The Land of Yes. Have fun! It's the law!

There are lots of things on the paths that you can explore. Like crutches. This is so that puppies can get used to them here. That way when they meet a person on the street they aren't afraid because they know, "Oh, I already have seen this strange thing and it is not scary!"

I took a swim in the creek. Mommy wanted me to get out but I am allowed to do whatever I want. Thanks, Ada!

Let's go for a walk in the woods!
An angel was visiting The Land of Yes. I gave her a message to give to Scout.

Miss Ada is so nice she will pick berries and then feed them to you!

This is another thing puppies can explore. That way they can learn that squeaky baby toys are not scary either.

Miss Ada shows the puppies that you don't need to be scared of baby carriages or toys. Today, I just sniffed around.

"Are you coming or what?"
This is a fake Mr. Fluffy.

Pretend deer and more stuff to sniff and pee on!

Can you find me?

Me and Mommy played the "Where's Mommy?" game. She tells me to wait and the she goes and hides and I have to find her. The Land of Yes is a good place to play this game!

This is Lexie. She's a super good pal!

Lexie is also a butt sniffer. Hey, let me get a drink!

Big romps with my pal Lexie!

There are two balls at Lexie's house but we only wanted to play with one.

Me and Lexie having a rest and talking about cats.

It's a lot of work playing ball.

Miss Ada is telling me and Lexie that we're going to do jumps. Lexie is a good jumper.

Now it is my turn to go through the jump.
No problem. Can I have the tennis ball now?

Miss Ada is telling me how to go through the hoop. I know how to go through the hoop.
I'm deciding if I want to go through the hoop.

Lexie said she wants the ball ...

... so she tried to take it ...

... but I won!

No, Mommy. I will not get into the car. I don't want to go home.
But this is The Land of Yes so I have to say yes. Boo on that.

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