Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Me and Bailey end up in the back yard together and not on purpose

This is how me and Bailey are in the house.
That's because Bailey gets too wild and starts fights and I am the one who gets hurt.
We play the Puppy School Game when we are on our own sides of the gate, too.
So you know how me and Bailey do not like to be in the same place at the same time, because Bailey doesn't play fair and I don't like her sniffing me and we get into fights and Bailey wins because she is stronger than me and then I have to go to the doctors with boos boos? And you know how we have to be gated off from each other 32 hours a day? (Read my stuff from 2011 to learn about it.)

This week I was in the front yard with Mommy and Bailey was in the back yard. Mommy thought Daddy was outside with her. Bailey started making big barks at our pals in the back, so I made big barks too so they knew I was outside. It was a big barkfest. Mommy said we were doing her head in.

So Mommy brought me in the house through the front door, but guess what? Daddy was not outside. He had come into the house and he forgot to close the back door! So I just ran right in the front door and out the back door.

Right into the yard with barking Bailey. Mommy heard the screen door slam and ran through the house to get me but I was too fast.

You know what happens when Bailey gets wild and I don't like it. There is blood.

But guess what? Me and Bailey are trying hard to be good dogs (even though Bailey has to go outside on a leash even though we have a fence, just in case Mommy or Daddy needs to catch her quick). When Mommy got to the back yard she saw that Bailey was sniffing and wiggling and trying to give me jump hugs and she wouldn't let me walk away even though I was giving her the "I am NOT HAPPY right now" evil eye. I was thinking about giving her the "get away" snarl but when I do that she fights with me and I have already been to see Dr. Hawkins this week.

So I just stood there like a statue but I had the evil eye on my stupid sister and calling "Mommy! Get out here!" inside my head.

Mommy came to the rescue because she grabbed biscuits while she ran through the house. She had to pretty much stick the biscuits under Bailey's nose but she got us to look at her instead of each other. Then she played the Puppy School game and made me go one way for a biscuit and Bailey go the other way. By that time Daddy came outside and got Bailey's leash and Mommy got my collar and I came in the house.

Mommy says that this is proof that hard work at training and lots of patience pay off in the end, even if one of your dogs is very reactive and your dogs have had big fights before.

Me and Bailey got big hugs and treats for being such good dogs. Mommy just got a bunch of gray hairs and a headache.


PS: Mommy says Miss Ada at Reward That Puppy Dog Training and Miss Sherri at Tails of Success get a lot of the credit for us learning how no to kill each other. Miss Sherri taught Mommy how to read our dog language and practice ways to calm Bailey down so she is not always a wild dog. Miss Ada gave me and Bailey each time to play with her dog Lexie in The Land of Yes and learn that we can have good times with other dogs. Miss Sherri and Miss Ada did a good job of making sure Bailey wasn't a dangerous dog and helping us learn how to live together in the same house, even if we can't be together in the same room

Here is what we look like when we play the Puppy School Games. We look at Mommy, not each other.

The Puppy School Game means Mommy gets chicken and says,"Who wants to play puppy school?" Then she lets us in the same room to sit, get a treat, give a paw, get a treat, wait, get a treat,and then go on the other side of the gate and do the same thing. We can be in the same space for about two minutes before Bailey gets too wild excitedand we have to go back to our own places.

We have gotten so good at the Puppy School Game that we can play on the couch, get a treat,
off the couch, get a treat, on the couch, get a treat, and even touch each other without blood.
 Mommy says that is why when we got accidentally together outside we didn't kill each other.

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Angie said...

Way to go Bandit (and Bailey)!

My mommy finished your mommy's book while she and Daddy were on vacation. It couldn't have been a good trip since I didn't get to go. Anyway, Mommy liked it a lot. The last chapter about Scout gave her the leaky eyes, but really liked the story.


BANDIT!!! said...

Boo in vacations without dogs! They must be really boring. I'm glad your mommy liked the book. Mommy cried a hundred gallons when she wrote it.
Love BANDIT!!!