Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bandit escapes again

Bandit escaped again today. Tore right through the barrier David added to the fence a few weeks ago to raise the fence a few feet. It was just poultry fencing, but who knew a 33 lb. dog could jump over 4 ft and tear through it?

We didn't even know he was gone. David was in back working on the chicken coop and I was sitting at the gas fireplace chatting with him. Scout came band several times with his "Timmy fell down the well!" whine, but I ignored him until it was clear he was really trying to tell me something.

That's when I realized Bandit was gone.

David and I headed off in different directions on the street to see if we could track him down, when we heard Bandit whining somewhere behind a neighbor's house and then wham! He and the neighbor's dog Killian came tearing down the driveway. They were in the pre-fighting wrestle, whining and nipping but not quite fighting. I called Bandit, he flew to me. Brigitte called Killian and he ran home.

Apparently what happened is Bandit escaped over the fence and ran down the street and through the neighbor's yard to the street behind us. Killian saw him and flew under their fence and chased after Bandit.

David, who was already having a bad day with his back and was frustrated with the coop was now just plain angry about the fence. Then it started raining.

I told David to look on the bright side: his next family probably wouldn't have dogs or chickens.

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