Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update on Bandit

A quick update on Bandit after his trip the ER: he spent much of Saturday groggy from the sedatives he got in the ER so they could do the xrays. Dr. B looked at the films too and said he didn't see anything on there that concerned him.

Then last night, Bandit pooped out something that looked like a big rock. It was a few inches long and maybe an inch and a half wide, and when it came out it made a "plunk" sound. No poop, just that object. I bagged it, and it feels like an intact squeaker from a toy.*

I have no idea where he got it - I've been careful not to let him have any toys - but he's found out how to get into my office, and that's where Scout keeps his toys. So it is possible that he found something and ate it without me knowing.

Anyway, the object was big enough that if it was working its way through his body it would be very uncomfortable. And today, he's back to his mischievous self. So hopefully that's what was causing his problems and now we just need to wait for his digestive system to calm down.

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* After closer examination, it turns out that Bandit had swallowed a cat toy shaped like a mouse. It probably didn't have a lot of air in it, the way a squeaker would, which is why it didn't show up on the xray. It's gross, but here it is; imagine that going through your instestinal tract for a week:

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