Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scout gets his therapy gig at ER elementary school

Last week, October 10, Scout had his interview at the East Rochester elementary school. He went to meet the principal and social worker to make sure he would be a good fit for their Kids Read To Dogs program.

It was a great interview; Scout was on his very best behavior and he seemed to enjoy all of the attention. The kids were excited to see the dog.

I however, picked up the flu and have been sick ever since. I had hoped to go sit in on a reading session just to see how it works but I've been coughing and congested for 10 days now. My doctor said kids are little germ factories; guess I'll need to add hand sanitizer to our therapy bag.

But I digress.

ER has been very welcoming to the dog reading program, which kicked off this year. They currently have 9 kids involved with dogs. What a great program for kids, to have a half hour of special time with the undivided attention of a loving dog and a good book.

We heard today that Scout will be paired with a second grader we'll call Timmy. Our first reading session is October 28. It's all very exciting to see Scout be able to give love and affection to someone who needs a little extra. How sweet that I get to be a part, too.

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SAY said...

You and Scout are special.