Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cassie and her car get in a very bad accident but Cassie is alright

Mommy went out this morning to volunteer at the dog shelter and then we didn't see her for eleventy million hours. Daddy came home at lunch time and let us out but then back into my cage I went until way after dinner time.

That's because Cassie and her car were in a bad accident and Mommy was at the hospital with her all day.

This is not a joke.

Cassie was driving on the thruway to go to school in Buffalo and a mean, stupid man was bad on the road and he drove his car crazy and made her car go into the rail that guard the road. It was a bad accident. And Cassie's car spun around and around and smashed all up bad.

Do you know what the bad man did? He drove away and left her there.

The ambulance guys took good care of Cassie and brought her to the hospital. It was not the same hospital I had to go to when I ate Mommy's inhaler, but Mommy said the people who took care of Cassie were as nice as at my hospital.

The doctors took pictures of all of her insides and her brain, and the doctor said that Cassie hurt her head with something called a concussion. And all of her muscles and the stuff that holds her muscles together are all hurting. But she didn't break any bones, which is a good thing. The ambulance guys told Mommy it was a miracle that Cassie didn't get more hurt, and the man who drove Cassie's bed around the hospital so she could get pictures taken of her insides said God was taking care of her.

Thank you God for taking care of Cassie!

 But Cassie's car got hurt a lot. It had to get towed to the broken car yard because it is all smashed up. And it can never be driven again forever. Cassie is sad about her car. But we are happy that her car got the most hurt so she didn't have to.

Cassie has to wear a collar on her neck to keep her head still, and she has to take medicine that makes her feel barfy and dizzy. I bet that Dali is worried about her Mommy. But it's OK, Dali. Your Mommy is safe on our couch.

Maybe tomorrow Dali will come over and me and her and Scout can take very good care of Cassie all weekend.


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