Sunday, September 5, 2010

Me and Scout take care of Cassie

Dali misses her mommy, but me and
Scout and Murphy are taking good care of her.

Me and Scout have been doing a good job taking care of Cassie after her accident on Friday.

On Friday, while Mommy went to the store to get Cassie's medicine, Scout sat with Cassie while she barfed so she wouldn't feel alone. Mommy says if you are sick and need someone to take care of you, Scout is the dog for the job.

Then during the Friday night, Scout slept at the front door to make sure no more badness came in to bother Cassie, while me and Murphy did the job of waking Mommy up every 2 hours so she could wake Cassie up to make sure her brain was still working.

Except me and Murphy don't know how to tell time so we didn't know when 2 hours was up. So we just kissed her and licked her face and stuff like that all the time, and Cassie's friend Deputy Steve called every 2 hours from his police car. Cassie was very hurting but her brain was working, which was very good.

Yesterday, Mommy and Cassie went to Buffalo to get stuff out of Cassie's scrunched up car. On the way home, they stopped at Grandma's to get something. But Cassie was sound asleep in the car so she missed seeing Dali. Dali misses her mommy.

Dali, your mommy is safe. She is sleeping a lot so even if you were here she would just be sleeping. And Mommy says we can't play wild maniac dog so you would be bored. We hope you're having fun playing Extreme Home Makeover: Grandma's House edition with Aunt Jackie and Uncle Eric and Daddy!
Today, Cassie is still very tired and very ouchy and her tummy is still feeling icky even though she isn't barfing any more. So Mommy had to go to the store to get her different medicine. She brought me and Scout back new chew toys because she said we have been doing such a good job taking care of Cassie and not barking too much like wild maniac dogs.

So we are happy Cassie is OK but we are sad that she is still very ouchy. And us pups and cat are doing our job to help take care of her.


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Bocci said...

Our hugs to Cassie.
See you at Blogpaws?

Bandit said...

We won't be there. Boo on that. Mommy said she ran out of money for fun stuff like that. But maybe next time!! Have fun!!!