Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scout goes to college

Hi, everyone! It's me, Scout! I had a big adventure today. I went to school. And Bandit didn't get to go. Haha! He had to stay home in his baby crate.

I didn't go to puppy school and I didn't go to the elementary school. I went with Mommy and Cassie to Buffalo College!

Cassie needed a ride to classes so Mommy took her. It took a long time to get there. I don't like to ride in the car, but it was OK because Cassie was with us.

Just in case you didn't know, there are no real buffalos in Buffalo. But there are lots of people and noises and smells. And you would be very proud of me, because I didn't get scared hardly at all!

Me and Mommy dropped Cassie off and then we parked the car and walked around busy Elmwood street. Then we went to the park to play and I made a new friend. Her name is Georgia. She is 7-months-old and she likes to play wrestle. Except I wanted to play bubble catch. But it was OK; we romped for a while and then Mommy gave us biscuits.

Me and Mommy hung out in the park for awhile.

But then we went to the college because we were out of water and needed to refill our bottle. Except someone told Mommy no dogs are allowed at the college. All of the students looked quiet and bored. But they smiled when they saw me, and some stopped to pet me.

I think dogs are not allowed because college is not supposed to be fun, and dogs bring the fun. Oh well. Me and Mommy found some grass and played bubble catch anyway and we did not get arrested.

Then Cassie finished her class and we drove home.

All of the excitement pooped us all out. But it was fun to have a special adventure with Mommy and Cassie and without Bandit!


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nancy said...

No dogs on campus is just plain silly. Bandit, you need to write them a letter.

adesola njoku said...

The college building which is displayed here is more matches with my college degree. Our college also organized the communication program.

Anonymous said...

Bandit, you are right about dogs bringing the fun. I'm going to visit my son at University of Idaho soon. Do you think I should sneak my dog, Lucy, into the dorms to see him? You would love Lucy. She doesn't go to University of Idaho. She goes to Obedience School here in Coeur d'Alene. She's not very good at heeling, but she is fantastic at retrieving!

Bandit said...

Kim, you should definitely bring Lucy to college. She will bring some fun, and give all of those kids who miss their doggies at home a lot of love! As long as she doesn't poop in the hallways, no one will know.

I don't heel too good either. Me and Scout are good at chasing chickens and tennis balls, though, which are much more useful skills, I think.

Love BANDIT!!!

Bandit said...
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