Saturday, October 22, 2011

My first Rally Obedience class!

I am not the teacher's pet. I am Mommy's pet. But I am the teacher's helper!

Today I went to Miss Sherri's romping palace for school. It was a class called Rally Obedience.

So far Rally Obedience class is pretty much walking in a giant circle being a good boy and getting hot dogs popped into your mouth when you do stuff your Mommy tells you to do. Sit. Hot dog. Walk. Hot dog. Lie down. Hot dog. Walk. Hot dog. Sit. Hot dog. Stop jumping on the table trying to get cheese, Bandit. Hot dog. It was super great!

Mommy says I  need to learn how to Stop and Stand without doing a Sit. I will do anything she wants as long as she keeps the hot dogs coming! Miss Michelle the teacher even used me in a demonstration. That's because one upon a time Mommy used to have weave poles in the back yard so Scout could play Circus Dog and I learned how to weave. 

I also made some new friends - Potter and Sawyer and Maeby and Snowball. We are the smartest dogs in the whole world on Saturday at 11 AM, just in case you didn't know that.

When you are super good at your obedience, you get to play after class. I played flying dog. This is me and my pal Sawyer. He is blurry in all of the pictures. You know what that means - we're having fun!

Then Mommy and me went to Mr. Tim Horton's. They did not have any plain Tim Bits and they did not have Mommy's favorite donut. (I think Mrs. Tim Horton had the day off.) So we got a glazed donut. And it is DEEEE-LISH! I have a new favorite!

So that is Rally Obedience class. Hot dogs and playtime and new friends and donuts! Who wouldn't love that?


PS Today is Sunday, and guess what? I found out that after class Maeby got to have PIE!! I think I would have liked to have pie. AND a donut!

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