Monday, October 10, 2011

A walk in the woods with Mommy

This weekend, Mommy took us dogs to the canal for a little play time. We each got to go by ourselves with her. Bailey barked at the ducks and played puppy school for a long time. Scout played bubbles for long time.

Scout says, Let's play bubbles!!

I peed on some trees and then we went home because we were hot and tired. I didn't have the best adventure.

Then yesterday, Daddy and Mommy took Bailey to the park for a walk. Boo on that. I like to walk in the park. But Daddy doesn't really like to go places with us dogs because he doesn't know how to talk Doglish, even though he loves us lots and lots. He says we make him nervous. So only one dog at a time when we go places with Daddy. I guess he's right. We can be bad dogs sometimes.

One dog at a time when you romp in the park with Daddy.

Daddy got to pick which dog he wanted to take on the walk and he picked Bailey. Boo on Bailey. She is a Daddy's girl dog.

So since I didn't get a good adventure, today Mommy and I went to the park all by ourselves and walked in the woods for a long, long time.

This is the woods where we went for a walk. We walked up and down and around.

It was great! I peed on about eleventyhundred and twelve trees. Which was good because we walked for a long time and then the trail ended and Mommy said we needed to turn around to find our way back to the car.

Don't worry, Mommy! I can sniff our way back to the car!

It was hot and we were tired but it was nice and quiet in the park. We saw some deer and some chipmunks and there was a lot of great stuff to smell and we met some other people with their dogs and the leaves were pretty and they crunched under our feet.

Me and Mommy in the woods.

Best of all, Mommy wasn't scared. We don't do walks in the woods because she doesn't like to go into the woods alone. But she says I am a good adventure partner and we can have another adventure like this again!

So today was a good day.


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Hanna at Dog Products said...

Hi Bandit,

I need a bit of your doggie wisdom. Udi and Yumbo are my two Shih Tzu pups over whom I adore more than life. Therefore, I am afraid to take them out on nature walks such as to woody areas. I guess I’m scared that local critters might attack them or maybe that they would get a taste of some poisonous plant.

Oh, we’ve been to beaches and parks but never the woods. Do you think I’m being overly protective?


Bandit said...

Hi Hanna! I eat stuff I'm not supposed to when I'm home and we have squirrels and chipmunks and Mr. O'Possum in our backyard. So the woods aren't that different.

Except that Mommy is always afraid of scary bad people so she almost never goes anywhere alone in the woods.

If you want to go in the woods, I bet you can find some other mommies or daddies who have big dogs who would go with you and protect you from bears and squirrels.

You should go to places where you feel safe and your dogs are having fun. Us dog don't care a long as you take us to different places so we can smell new stuff and see new stuff and meet new people. We just want to be with you and have some fun!!