Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have a No Elephant Adventure

This is me, waiting for the circus train.

Today Mommy said, "Hey Bandit? Want to have a super elephant adventure?"

Yes, Mommy! You know I love adventures!

The circus came to town today, so me and Mommy went to watch the circus people unload the elephants off the circus train so they could do a parade to the circus arena.

The circus train was supposed to come at 2 pm. So we were there at 2 pm. Then it was supposed to come at 3 pm. So we waited. Then they said it would maybe come at 4:30 pm.

This is me, still waiting for the circus train.

So me and Mommy decided that we weren't excited enough to see elephants that we wanted to wait for another two hours. Instead, we went to visit Pam at the shelter - hi Pam! - and then we came home.

I didn't get to see any elephants. But I made some new friends.

Me and the Hello Kitty girl. She loved me.

This is my new friend Micayla. She is part Border collie because she is very smart and likes to play a lot!

Me and Micayla. She has lots of play energy!

If she lived next door to me I think I would have someone to play with me all day. Except that I think she likes to play dress up. Scout said she probably likes to have tea parties, too. I think Bailey would like that. It sounds like blechy girl stuff and Bailey is a blechy girl. HAHAHA!

This is a picture Mommy did not take of a circus train that we did not see.

Anyway, I didn't get to see any elephants. Mommy says that if us dogs don't start behaving she is going to pack a suitcase and sneak on the circus train when it leaves town. Of course, she would have to take me because I know the way to the train station!

Your pal

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Anonymous said...

What are you doing for holloween Bandit? Dressing up or barking alot?

Bandit said...

We did not dress up. And guess what? We didn't bark a lot either!