Monday, November 7, 2011

Can you help us find a new home for Bailey?

Our sister Bailey needs to find a new home. Right away.

I have not blogged for a few days because we are having a very bad time. Me and Bailey have decided that we DO! NOT! want to live together in the same house, so we have been fighting. Bailey is a better fighter than I am, so I am starting the fights but she is finishing them. And I am getting ouched. Very ouched.

You should know that it has been one big crying festival over here the last week or so.

Bailey is a very good dog and she is super duper nice with people and mostly nice with Scout and she hasn't even hurt Murphy at all (on purpose, anyway; they play wrestlemania a lot). It is pretty much me and Bailey that do not get along. Bailey gets excited very quick and I get excited very quick, and I like to be the boss and Bailey likes to be the boss. And guess what? You can't have two excited bosses in the same house.

Mommy and Daddy and Miss Sheri and Dr.Hawkins have all decided that Bailey needs to find a new home before me or her get really hurt bad.

We went to see the famous Miss Suzanne Clothier yesterday, and she agreed that me and Bailey need to get separated ASAP, which means right now. She said that Bailey should go have a vacation at the vet's office and live in a special kennel for a while to get away from me and so that we can all take a break. Scout is sick, and I have a giant boo boo that needs to get better, and Mommy is just a crying mess all the time.

Mommy did a lot of crying about she has messed us dogs up and how she has done something called "reinforcing" that I am the king of the whole world. Miss Suzanne said that she thinks I was born with a king gene and Mommy just polished it a bit, haha. She said Mommy did not mess anyone up, that me and Bailey are oil and water and that Bailey needs to go live in a home where I am not. She said that Bailey is not bad with people and she might even be able to live in a house with another dog. As long as that dog isn't bossy like me.

Once upon a time, me and Bailey used to get along.
 Daddy is on vacation tomorrow too and so he and Bailey are having romping times in the wildlife. But on Wednesday, she has to go live at the vet's office. Even though me and Bailey can't live together, I do not want her to have to live in a kennel. I would like her to find a new home where she can be the king of everything, like I am the king of everything here. Then she can chew her toys without worrying that I am going to try and steal them or sleep on the couch with her new mommy and not have to share with a bossy brother.

So if you are looking for a dog that is very smart and likes to play puppy school and likes to spend her whole day snuggling you and playing with her football, maybe you can give Bailey a home. Mommy has all of Bailey's information on her blog, so you can go there and read it.

Rehoming Bailey – knowing when it’s time to let go
Photos of Bailey and Daddy’s field trip


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Angie said...

My mommy and I are so sad about you and Bailey (Daddy would be sad, too, but he doesn't do my computer stuff). My mommy said she'd want Bailey to live with us, but we live forty-hundred thousand miles away and I kinda like to be the boss, too. And I'm too little to get roughed up. Paws crossed you find someone soon!

Bandit said...

We are sad, too, but I think Bailey will be happy when she gets to be king of the world in her own house.

If you know someone who would like to give her a lovey home, Mommy said she would drive forty-hundred thousand miles to make sure that Bailey gets to live in the right home with the right family and live happily ever after without me in her face all day.

Your sad pal,