Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bailey gets bored

Bailey and Mommy had a picnic at Schallers
 Yesterday, Mommy took Bailey to Dr. Hall's office to get bored. I don't know why she had to go to the vet to get bored. It's pretty boring around here sometimes, especially when Mommy is working. BOR-ing!

Mommy said that because me and Bailey have been having big fights we all needed a night to catch our breaths and not have to worry about us hurting each other.

Before Bailey went to get bored, she had some fun. She and Mommy had a picnic at Daddy's restaurant. Mommy says that Bailey could teach me a few things about not stealing food. Hahaha. Not likely, Mommy. Mommy said that Bailey was so good and didn't bark at the delivery truck or the people who came to say hello. Then they went to the park.

Me and Scout stayed home. I think we were the ones who got bored.

When Mommy got home she thought we would all be quiet and get some rest. Hahahaha! We had big playtimes! Me and Scout and Murphy played chase and wrestle and tug and had lots of fun! I even did my old bad stuff, like take Mommy's socks outside and run around the yard with them. We even got to take all of the toys out of the cupboard and throw them around the house.

That's because we didn't have to worry about Bailey and me fighting. She doesn't play fair and wrecks all of the games because she doesn't understand what I am saying to her. I talk to her in dog, but she doesn't listen. When I say, "Hey, I'd like you to give me that toy right now because I am the king of the world," she just says,  "Let's fight!" It is hard to talk to your sister when she never learned Doglish.

Mommy was afraid that Bailey was crying at the vet and barking like a wild animal because she wanted to come home. But Crystal said that Bailey was doing very good. She played with her football and ate her dinner and was sound asleep in her kennel when Mommy called. She didn't bark at the other dogs or try to sneak out of her kennel or get wild. Crystal said Bailey is a very sweet dog.

I think we all needed a break from each other.

Bailey is coming home to sleep over tonight, and then she will go back to the vet's the next day, and then come home for a bunch of days, and then go back. Hopefully her new forever family will hurry up and realize that they need a super smart girl dog like Bailey so she can go live at her new home and be the queen of the world and not have to have sleepovers at Dr. Hall's.


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Ada said...

Is Bailey at Suburban Vet's. There is Dr. Hall there? That is 10 minutes from my house. Dr Hall is my vet. Hmmm maybe I could take Bailey out for a walk or ride???

Bandit said...

Hi Ada! Bailey would love for you to take her for a walk! Just so you know, she eats poop. So before you kiss her, smell her breath. Blech.