Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I went to vote today - make sure you vote, too!

Today is Vote Day! Me and Mommy walked up to the town hall to tell the nice ladies who we want to be in charge of the universe for a while. That is called voting!

You should know that you are not allowed to take pictures inside the voting place. So I will tell you how you vote. First, you say to the nice lady, "Hi! My name is Mommy and I live in the blue house near the park." And the nice lady says, "Hi, Mommy! Sign your name right here."

Then the lady hands you a piece of paper and you color in some little circles next to the names of the people you want to be in charge. If you have a puppy with you, your puppy can help you color in the circles.

Then you feed your paper into a hungry machine who eats it and burps up a message that says, "Okey dokey! You are all set!"

Then another nice lady gives you and your Mommy stickers that say "I voted today". I put my sticker on the t-shirt I have to wear so I don't lick my boo boos.

Ta da!!!  You have voted! Just in case you didn't know, you do not have to tell anyone who you voted for. It is a secret. But I will tell you who I voted for. The nice lady who came to our house.

Maybe some day I will run for President. I have done some politics stuff before. Remember when I went to meet Sarah Palin with Mommy and Aunt Rene?

Anyway, if you are an American you are supposed to go and vote today. You will get to meet some nice people and get a pretty sticker and help to decide who runs your country!

Bandit, an American Border collie

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Angie said...

The bad part about being in charge is everyone starts talking about the bad things you've done. Maybe you should stick to blogging!

Bandit said...

Hmm. You are probably right. I have a whole stockpile of bad Bandit stories that should stay locked in the closet.

Love BANDIT!!!