Sunday, November 22, 2009

Border Collies for Sarah Palin!

Bandit here!! I had the most exciting adventure yesterday: I went with Mommy and Aunt Rene to wait in line to get wristbands so they could meet Sarah Palin when she was in Rochester for a book signing!

If you don't know who Sarah Palin is, she's a Mommy who used to be the Governor of Alaska. Yup, she has a husband and kids (and probably some pets; she seems like that kind of Mommy) and she was in charge of running the whole state! It's a big state, way up near Russia, in the cold. That's a pretty big job, don't you think?

She is also the lady who ran for Vice President! Of the United States!! Mommy and Aunt Rene like her a lot because they say she's a lot like them, except she lives in a really neat place where they go fishing and snowmobiling and hunting all year round. I wish I lived in Alaska.

Anyway, Mommy and Aunt Rene wanted to make sure they would get a chance to meet Sarah Palin so we got up at 3:00 AM - that's in the morning! - and went to wait in line. When we got there, there were already almost 400 people in line! Some had even slept there overnight!

OK, you need to know that I didn't get to go because I was good boy. I got to go because I've been so bad. Hahaha, isn't that funny? Poor Scout. He had to stay home. Mommy felt really bad about that because he would have loved it. But she said one dog was enough to handle and Scout would be good while she was gone.

See, Cassie came and slept over Friday night. Daddy was going hunting yesterday while Mommy and Aunt Rene were gone. That would mean that Cassie would have to take care of me when she got up. Except she doesn't like me very much, so she ignores me. While she's ignoring me, I'm usually taking medicine out of her purse and eating from the garbage and chewing her shoes. Mommy said it was easier just to take me with her.

Hahaha! It was so great! I ate Aunt Rene's bagel and we went to Tim Horton's three times.

Plus, I met some police horses! I already told you about police men and police dogs, and now I learned that horses can be police, too. (I wonder if there are police cats?)

We also met a lot of very nice people. Some came all the way from New York City to see Sarah Palin! One man even decided not to get get in his tree stand to hunt in the morning so he could wait in line. And it was opening day of shotgun season!

Anyway, we waited for a long time and then came the best part: Mommy took me into the bookstore to get her wristband. Yup, the people at Borders let me inside with the people. Everyone was so nice to us.

We came home and Mommy and me took a long nap. Then she and Aunt Rene went back to wait in line again to actually meet Sarah Palin. I wanted Mommy to take me but she said that she didn't want to take a chance that the nice people at Borders wouldn't let me in again.

So I stayed home with Scout. When Mommy got back, she said it was a good thing I stayed home. There were a lot of people and even some people protesting (I would have bit them) but mostly they were in the store longer this time and she didn't think they would have let me in. But she said some people asked where I was. I'm a star! (Here's what Mommy said happened later that night.)

Anyway, I like Sarah Palin! She left a nice smell on Mommy and on the books. I think I will start a club, Border Collies for Sarah Palin.

I'm glad me and Mommy and Aunt Rene went to wait for Sarah Palin. We have a great adventure!

Love, Bandit

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