Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scout and Bandit's Guide To Life: Your Mommy is your Mommy because that's how God wanted it

Scout here! Bandit it way too excited to write (stop jumping on the keyboard, Bandit! I can't type!) so I'll tell you the exciting news myself!

Mommy got something in the mail today called a pedigree. It's a paper that lists all of Bandit's parents and their parents and their parents. When Mommy read it she got really excited! Then she went and found my pedigree and guess what?

Me and Bandit are related!! Isn't that exciting?

Both of our dog mommies have the same great grandparents, Joyful Prince and Shaloam Joy. What are the chances of that? We have different parents and came from different farms and everything.

And do you know what? Bandit wasn't even supposed to come to live with us!

Mommy said that some other Daddy was supposed to take Bandit after he was born. The man put down money and everything for Kim to hold the dog. But then the man's job changed and he couldn't have a dog. So when Mommy called Kim to see about getting a baby girl puppy, Kim told Mommy about Bandit. And Mommy decided to take Bandit instead! Even though he was not a baby and he was a boy. She said she saw his picture and fell in love right away.

And you know what else? That's sorta how I came to live here! Mommy and Daddy were looking for a baby girl puppy, and they found one. But Mommy said she wasn't sure she was supposed to bring that puppy home. She said she just felt like she needed to come and check me out at the Miller's house. I was older and a boy and not at all what they were looking for, and besides, someone else was already planning to come and probably get me.

But Mommy said she just knew. So she bought my dog bed and my food and a leash - before she even saw what I looked like! - and sure enough, those people called the Millers and cancelled their appointment to see me. So Mommy came instead. I remember she cried. I kissed her. We loved each other right away.

So here me and Bandit are, two dogs who were supposed to go home with other families but instead we're here with Mommy and Daddy and Murphy and the chickens and Cassie and Dali and Grandma. The best doggone family in the whole world. And we're almost like real brothers!

Mommy said it's exactly like God wanted it. Which means that the Mommy you have is exactly the Mommy God wanted you to have.

Isn't it great how that works out? God is so smart. He must be a Border collie.

Love, Scout

PS: Bandit here! Scout forgot to tell you something else about our pedigrees. His dog daddy and my dog mommy are both related to a dog named O'Brae's Coach! And do you know who owned O'Brae's Coach? My breeder mom, Kim, who I lived with for 15 weeks before Mommy came and got me! Isn't that so cool?

And you know what else I found out? Most of my dog daddy's relatives are from Texas! No wonder I'm such a conservative Republican dog!

Love, Bandit

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