Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Therapy Dog update: today's session 11/25/09

Scout here! I had reading today with Timmy! Timmy isn't his real name. Mommy thought we should give his real name on the internt.

Last week, my friend Noel had to fill in for me because Mommy was coughing so much. I think Timmy missed me.

Today, we played more than we read, which Mommy thought was OK. She called it "bonding time," and said I needed that so I would understand why I'm at school.

Oh, I know why I'm at school. I'm there to play! To say hello to all of the kids! And then to go to Tim Horton's on the way home!

I like going to school for a couple of reasons.

First, I like Timmy a lot. He plays fun games with me. And he really likes dogs.

Second, I like that I'm the only dog there. Because when Bandit is around, everyone ignores me. But today a lot of people told me I was a good dog.

When we were walking to our car, one lady even rolled down her window and asked why I was at school. When Mommy said we go to read with one of the students, she said I was so beautiful and that it was so fantastic that I got to go to school and do such a good thing.

Another lady ran right into the library when she saw me and Timmy because she has a Border collie, too! When she asked why I was in school, Mommy told her that I was working, but the lady was so excited she just kept hugging me. I don't think Timmy minded.

It's very nice to feel special sometimes. I think that's how Timmy feels when I go to school. He's the only one who's allowed to play with me, and today he asked if I come for other kids, too. "Nope," Mommy said. "Scout only comes to school for you." I know he felt super special when he heard that.

So I did my job really well today!

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