Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scout and Bandit's Guide To Life: You're so special

Bandit here. Mommy is letting me write on the computer again because my poop breath is all gone.

Mommy was sleeping in her bed this morning and I was just waiting for Daddy to come and let me out before he went to work.

It's the most exciting part of my day, because Scout and I get to wake Mommy up!

I can see Mommy's bed when I am in my crate. I had been sending her "Mommy wake up RIGHT NOW" stares for a while but she must not have felt them.

So as soon as Daddy opened the door to my crate, I burst out and jumped on the bed. I dove under the covers and under Mommy and rolled on her and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and I even bit her once, I was so excited to see her. (Oops, that was an accident.) While I did that, Scout licked her whole face.

Mommy likes it when we wake her up like that. But today she said, "Why are you so excited to see me? I'm nobody special. I'm just Mommy."

Nobody special?! Is she kidding?! She's Mommy!

Then I thought about it. Maybe you're like Mommy and you don't think you're special because you're not on TV commericials and you don't have a fancy job that means you have to leave your puppy in the crate all day. Maybe you don't wear fancy clothes. Maybe you drive a car that makes a lot of noise. Maybe you spend your whole day at home taking care of kids or dogs or cats or chickens and you think no one notices you.

Maybe even someone who loves you bit you on accident and made you feel not special.

But trust me. You are so special and you make someone so happy that they want to wiggle. Maybe they don't wiggle in front of you, but I promise you they want to. Mommy tells us God made us all special, so I'll bet He wiggles all the time thinking about us!

Maybe today you should tell someone how happy they make you and how special they are. They probably need to hear it!

Love, Bandit

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Anonymous said...

You have a gift that is God given. Continue to listen to Him as He leads you in your writing. I am in tears as I type this. Bandit's message was for me today. It touched me heart. For a moment I feel special.

Joanne Brokaw said...

Oh, I am so happy my silliness could touch you! Trust me, you are very special, made in the image of God. You're the only you there has ever been or will ever be! :)