Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scout shares about today's reading dog session

Hi, everyone! I just came back from school and boy, did I have fun today! Timmy and I played a little bit today. We put treats under the books and I had to find them. There were not as many kids in the library today, which really helped. I was very confused last week!

I think that I know what I'm supposed to do now! I'm supposed to lie down on the blanket while Timmy reads his books! I am still learning how to lie down for a long time. Plus, whenever the kids come into the library they want to pet me so I still get a little distracted.

I showed Timmy all of my tricks. He thought I should know how to roll over, but I don't know how. So he showed me how! I'll have to work on that.

There isn't any school next week so I won't get to go back until the week after. I hope I don't forget what I learned today!

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