Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scout and Bandit's Guide To Life: Friends or Food?

Scout here! Mommy and Bandit both told me about the adventure that they had this week going to meet former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Mommy told me about the people she and Aunt Rene met, and the new friends they made, and how much fun it was to talk to everyone and get to know them.

Bandit told me about the stuff he ate, including Aunt Rene's bagel, Tim Bits from Tim Hortons, a cupcake wrapper, and some horse poop.

Mommy said she felt bad that she didn't bring me with her. She said that it might have scared me a little bit at the beginning, but that I would have gotten it over very fast and had a super great time with all of the people.

But since she could only bring one dog, and since she didn't trust Bandit alone with Cassie because he causes so much trouble, she had to bring him, instead of me.

I don't mind. Too much. I'm glad that I'm such a good boy Mommy can trust me. I just feel bad that Bandit didn't get to enjoy the best part of the adventure: meeting people!

He likes food, so the first thing he does when he meets someone is sniff them for treats. If they don't have any, he moves on.

I, on the other hand, don't really care about the treats. I want to kiss everyone and make them feel special.

Mommy says that's because I'm a bigger dog and I've learned the importance of being a good friend. She said Bandit is still a little puppy and so he's only interested in stuff like biscuits and what he can steal from your plate.

She said that I've learned the difference between getting and giving.

I've been thinking about that and you know what? She's right! Sure, I love to get treats. But I like to give love more.

I like friends. I like to see them smile when I come to visit, and feel how happy they are when they pet my fur. I like to find the people who are sad - maybe they haven't told anyone about their sadness but I can tell - and give them a special kiss.

Mommy said that as he gets older, Bandit will learn to give more and want less.

That's a lesson I sure learned when he came to live with us! Bandit was a big pain in the tail. I had to share my toys and my food and my dog bed. And my Mommy. I didn't always like that.

But now I can see how much Bandit loves Mommy and how much he needs my Mommy. Another Mommy might not be as patient with him when he chews books and stuff, and might be a Mommy who goes to work and leaves her dog in a crate all day. Which would be very bad for Bandit. So I wouldn't want him to have to try and find another Mommy. Mine is perfect for him.

And once I got over being mad, I could see how much Mommy loves us both. Plus Murphy! And Daddy! And Cassie and Dali! There is enough love for all of us, plus some left over to give away!

I think that even though I would have loved to go on the Sarah Palin adventure on Saturday, Bandit needed a chance to go with Mommy and learn about friends.

When you meet someone, do you want to get treats from them or give them love? I think that's important to think about.

Love, Scout

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