Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Missing school with the flu

Hi, everyone!

Mommy and I were supposed to go to school today to read with Timmy. But Mommy has had a really bad cough for weeks now, and then yesterday Cassie found out she has the swine flu.

I don't know what the swine flu is. Cassie didn't oink at all. She just lay on the couch and slept and said, "Mommy, will you make me something to eat?" and "Mommy, will you make me some tea?" and "MOMMY! Get stupid Bandit away from me!!"

Mommy called the doctor because she thought it was probably time to get her cough checked out - Cassie and Daddy have been telling her she's coughing too much, but she didn't think she was. Duh, Mommy!

The nurse at the doctor's office said Mommy should not go to the elementary school today. She said that maybe she has the swine flu or maybe there are germs at the elementary school that she will bring home to Cassie or maybe her cough isn't just a cough and she's spreading something to everyone.

So until she sees the doctor, Mommy thought it would be better if we didn't go to school.

I'm very sad about that. I didn't get to Timmy last week because there was no school on Veteran's Day. I don't want Timmy to miss another reading session.

But Noel to the rescue!! Noel and her Mommy do reading at the school, too, and she said they would go so Timmy could have his reading time. Yippee for Noel!

Noel is a very experienced reading dog. She knows exactly what to do. So I'll bet she lays down nice while Timmy reads. I hope he's not disappointed when Mommy and I come back since I'm still trying to figure it all out.

So today, Noel will read with Timmy, Mommy will go to the doctor, and I'll stay home and watch Bandit chew Mommy's slippers.

Love Scout

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