Monday, December 12, 2011

I like books & being alone with Mommy

This is me at the bookstore, being a good boy.

This weekend, me and Mommy and Scout had ourselves all to ourselves because Daddy went to a hunting party and Bailey went on a sleepover with her friends at the vet's office.

Yay! Mommy all to ourselves! Plus me and Scout could go anywhere in the house we wanted. That was good. Scout misses sleeping behind Daddy's chair.

Yesterday, Mommy took us to the park to romp for a little bit. Then me and her went to the bookstore. I like books but I didn't eat any of them because they were not our books to eat. And I didn't pee on anything either. Aren't you proud of me?

Me and Mommy played "Where's Mommy?" though. She made me sit and stay, and then she hid in the store somewhere and said, "Where's Mommy!" I ran around the store until I found her and then I jumped all over her.

Just so you know, you usually can't play games in the bookstore because it is not polite. But Mommy's writing friend Steve was working and there were no other people so we had the place to ourselves.

Anyway, Daddy and Bailey are home, which means us dogs have to be locked up in our jail parts of the house. But because Daddy is home Bailey won't bark so much.

Oh, and guess what? Daddy shot a deer yesterday! So now we can have dog jerky. Yay for Daddy!

This is not a giant deer but he looks big, doesn't he?
Daddy said it is not a very big deer and it is not going on the wall. But we needed some deer and it walked by so blam. Daddy shot it. I like this picture, though. It makes the deer look like he is a giant Godzilla deer. It doesn't matter how big he is as long as there is enough to put in our tummies.


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