Friday, December 16, 2011

Me and Mommy go get a Christmas tree

Scout is checking out the tree I picked out while I sing him a song about Christmas.
Every year Daddy gets cranky when Mommy wants to get a Christmas tree, even though he says he doesn't. So this year Mommy said, "It's OK, we don't need to get a tree" before he got cranky. And he was happy.

But we weren't! We have been having some blechy times and Christmas has been b-o-r-i-n-g!! so far. So tonight, Mommy said, "Get in the car, Bandit. Me and you are going on an adventure!"

Yay! Adventure!

First we went to Wegmans to cash in the lottery tickets Grandma sent for me and Bailey to go to puppy school. Thanks Grandma!! We don't need puppy school anyway. Then me and Mommy went to Mr. Swaglers to get a tree!!

Yay! Scout says I picked a good tree!

You should know that every year our whole family goes and gets a tree and we take pictures and it's a big event. But this year everyone is so cranky that me and Mommy just figured we'd do it ourselves. So we found a nice little tree we could buy with the money from the lottery tickets.

And guess what? I got to see my half sister! Her name is Bella and her and me have the same dad from Kim's farm. I'm related to everyone, which we found out last year. Remember? You can read about it here if you forgot. And this one, too.

Me and Mommy brought the tree home and dragged it in the house and put it up and gave it a drink.  Then we let Bailey in to see the tree. She has never seen a Christmas tree before. She took a drink from the tree's water bowl and then tried to eat some branches.

First Bailey got a drink.

Then she tasted the tree. Blech!
Then Mommy put up the lights. Sparkly!

This is what the tree looks like if you spin around in circles really fast.

Usually there is a big to-do about the tree and it takes about eleventeen hours to pick it out and get it home and stand it up and by the time it's all done everyone is ready to take a nap. But me and Mommy took care of it in about half an hour. And no one was swearing or getting cranky. Me and Mommy are a good team

TA DA!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Oh, and guess what? When we got home, it started to snow!


PS: Scout says he's going to sleep under the tree till Santa comes.

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