Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas trees and six degrees of Bandit

Bandit here! You are not going to believe what happened this weekend. Two really spooky things.

First, Mommy and Daddy went to a party on Saturday and did not take us. I am still mad about that. But when they got home they took me and Scout for an adventure. We went to Mr. Tim Swaglers' house, where he had a bazillion gazillion trees all for sale. We sniffed around for a while and then Daddy and Mommy found one they said they liked a lot. (Look at this picture of Mommy and me and Scout at Mr. Swaglers. Look at how big the trees are!)

Then they bought it! I didn't know why. We have some trees in our yard already and we don't have a lot of room for more.

Well, while Mr. Swagler was tying up the tree, he and Mommy started talking about his Border collie that is having puppies in January. And you are NOT going to believe this. Do you know who the daddy doggie of those puppies is?

My doggie daddy!

I know you think I'm kidding but I am not.

My doggie daddy is Sam, from Gentle Shepherd Farms, where I lived with my good friend Kim before my Mommy fell in love with me and brought me home.

And we already know that me and Scout are related.

So I have some more half brothers and sisters being born right up the road. Family everywhere! Mommy says we should play a game called Six Degrees of Bandit and see who else I'm related to.

OK, then the second thing that happened was that when we got home, Daddy brought the tree right into the house. Right into the living room! And Mommy didn't even get mad.

Scout said the tree is so that Santa can leave us presents under it on Christmas Eve. He also said I am not to potty on that tree. Even though we peed on a few trees at Mr. Swaglers.

I helped Daddy set up the tree on Saturday. Look, what a big help I am:

Yesterday, while Daddy went hunting, Mommy put a whole bunch of twinkly lights on the tree and then some sparkly balls that I am not supposed to play with. Murphy plays with them, though. He better watch out because Santa is still making his naughty list.

Doesn't the tree look pretty?

So anyway, Daddy brought a tree right into the house this weekend and I found out that I am related to almost everyone in the world.

Love, Bandit

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